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Huta Batory Sp. z o.o. /Batory Steel Plant/ was founded on the basis of manufacturing background and infrastructure of "Batory" S.A. steel plant. Since May1, 2005 the Company has broadened polish industrial group controlled by the well-known Polish investor by stock exchange company under the name Alchemia S.A.

Brief historical background:


  • 23 of September 1872 - Katowice Joint Stock Company was founded and their aim was to construct the new steel plant. Mr. Wilhelm Kollmann, former director of "Baildon" Steel Plant, became Director for this enterprise.
  • 2 th of September  1873 - Initiation of manufacturing at Bismarckhűtte, at that time located on the present property of Lower Plant. The paddled steel was manufactured in paddling furnaces and shape mill.
  • 1890 -The Plant Steel, as one of the first in this part of Europe, initiates the open-hearth furnace process. This means enrichment of quality steel manufacturing assortment.
  • 1892  -The hammer forge department shall be created at quality steel plant (crucible furnaces).
  • 1896 - Start of steel arc furnaces and heavy-section mill. Merger with "Falva" Steel Plant. Creation of Upper Plant and connecting by railway track with Lower Plant.
  • 1898 -Start of welded pipes manufacturing plant.
  • 1900 -Start of metal plates mill.
  • 1908 -Implementation of pioneer technologies for manufacturing tool steel. Start of seamless tubes mill.
  • 1912-1913 -Start of reversing mill "duo", one of the largest on the European continent. Start of missile production.
  • 1914-1915 -The drop forge is started. Start of 650 set in shape mill and in pipes mill - Mannesmann II set. Marine boilers and armour plates are manufactured.
  • 1916 -Start of means and small set 400/290 in shape mill.


  • 1928 - Start of utilization of Mannesmann III set manufacturing seamless tubes.


  • 1933 - Polish character of the steel plant. Change of the steel plant name into Huta "Batory". Installation of the latest in Poland drop hammer.
  • 1936 - Modernisation of steel works - start of the new open-hearth furnace and electrical steel works.
  • 1945 -Restoration and modernization of steel.
  • 1952 -Start of the new drop forge. Manufacturing of transformer plates.
  • 1961 -Start of the new mill Quarto in metal plates mill.
  • 1962- 1964 - Modernisation of mil set in shape mill. Development of bar assortment.
  • 1968 -Modernisation of mill set in pipe mill - Mannesmann II. Implementation of pioneer technology for forging of crankshafts.
  • 1970 - Start of steel electroslag remelting.
  • 1975- Start of swaging machines line in forge department.
  • 1976 -Implementation of Fagersta technology for manufacturing of bars with holes for mining drills (license).
  • 1 of June - Spółka z o.o. Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno - Handlowe "BATOREX" is separated from the whole structure.
  • 1992 - Start of utilisation of VAD facility for no-furnace steel processing. Start of modern press of Hasenclever origin in forge.

HUTA "Batory" S.A.

  • 16 of March -Change of legal status. Transformation of the state enterprise into Joint Stock Company with 100 % share of the State Treasury - in Huta "Batory" S.A.
  • 1994 -Start of dry dust extraction system on electrical furnace.
  • July 1995 -Implementation of Quality management System in scope of manufacturing of ingot steel forged and rolled products: billets, bars, plates and seamless pipes - ISO 9002.
  • 1995 - Further legal amendments regarding the steel plant - the steel plant becomes the capital group. Share of the State Treasury - only 14.078%.
  • 1 of November 1996- Spółka z o.o. HBH Huta "Batory" is separated from the whole structure.
  • 1 0f August 1997 -Spółka Pracownicza "OPTIMA - TRANS" is separated from the whole structure.
  • 1997 -Pro-ecologic modernization of steel works. Start of the modern electrical ladling furnace and 25-ton arc steel furnace. Installation of modern dust extraction systems.
  • 1 of May 1998 -Spółka z o.o. "INTROBAT" is separated from the whole structure.
  • 12 of August 1998 - Start of modernized Heat Treatment Department and Installation for cooling in polymer solutions.
  • 1 of November 1998 -Zakład Socjalny "BATORY" Spółka z o.o.
  • 1 of January 2000- Zakład Obsługi Elektrycznej "ELEKTROBAT".
  • 1 of January 2000 -Zakład Remontowo Mechaniczny "MECHAREM".
  • 1 of January 2000 -Zakład Obsługi Technicznej "HYDROMECH".
  • 1 of January 2000 - Zakład Obsługi Energetycznej "MEDIA".
  • 1 of February 2000 -Walcownie Bruzdowe "BATORY".
  • 1 0f August 2000 - Huta Katowice Walcownia Blach Grubych "BATORY" is separated from the whole structure.
  • August 2001 - The Steel Plant obtains RW TUV certificate regarding consistency with ISO 9001 standard.
  • 1 of April - Spółka z o.o. Kuźnia "BATORY" is separated from the whole structure of the Steel Plant.
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